Schedule an Astrology Reading


Welcome to my private astrology practice!
I’m so honored & excited to share the wisdom of the stars with you.

I’m a registered yoga teacher & astrologer based in Maui, Hawaii living a plant based life according to the rhythms of nature & the cycles of the moon.
Astrology found me years ago- it was like a past life recall.
I studied stellar astronomy in college and love to combine the esoteric science with tangible information.

My astrology style is both intuitive & practical- offering digestible yet profound pieces of information that give clarity and illumination to all aspects of life.

My virtual readings give us a chance to have a dialogue about your life and the parts of your deepest self you wish to understand more clearly…
We will talk about dates, timing, personality traits, predictions and even homework to cultivate more balance.

I’ve completed Debra Silverman’s online school and will be continuing my education through her program.

It’s my honor to connect with you.

45 minute live phone/video reading- $77

session includes:

~ 45-50 minute live reading
~ recording of the reading
~ copy of your birth chart


Expect an email from me after the payment is submitted! We will schedule our reading then~