Sustainable Casa

So after almost a year in community living, I just manifested the most epic jungle bungalow on the north shore of Maui and I want to share how we furnished it!! Money goes so quick when you need household things- kitchen things, bathroom things, decorative things… making a house a home, things.

I’m not a fan of consumerism or paying store price for mass produced items.

This is the unfortunate standard for most (popular, affordable) big chain stores- cheap labor, poor work environments, non-ethically produced items made in mass quantity that fit the current trend of society
that will very soon change anyways.
This includes toxic manufacturing practices that poison the environment and really shitty jobs for people in poor countries that supply for greedy people in ignorant countries.

Almost everything in my home I bargained for, upcycled, received from friends or got from a thrift store.
Sure, I had to buy an electric griddle on Amazon because I don’t have an oven or stove but that’s beside the point.

I’m sharing this to show what cool shit you can find if you just look! What difference does it make if a plate is “used”? You should wash it ANYWAYS, even from a regular store. If pillowcases for decorative pillows can be washed, they’re like new! I’ve found some of the most unique and beautiful things at flea markets and thrift stores. Second-hand items always win for my wallet and my heart. Stepping out of materialism- its about being sustainable AND authentic. and aesthetic. and trusting that your material needs will be met!

Be open to receiving (finding the perfect thing for cheap) and thou shall find!


I love the colors and textures of the different plates and bowls…
they still kinda match in some way, yea?
$1-2 each at the thrift store.


$20 epic mirror made in the Philippines- from the thrift store.
It matches the wood throughout the bungalow.


I decorated throughout the bungalow using halved coconuts as candle holders.
I’m obsessed with them- they’re easy to grab and move around. I just filled the center with some small pebbles and sand to hold the candle in place.

Costs nothing…

(If the candle isn’t homemade, I only buy unscented because of toxins in the fragrances)


These chairs were gifted by my best friend as a housewarming gift.
They’re situated around our fire pit :)


I’m obsessed with the outdoor shower. At night it’s a serenade under the stars,
during the day it’s a jungle paradise.
The hot water runs from a propane tank- I’m conservative per usual for both the amount of water used & the propane.
I only use Dr. Bronners- its eco-friendly and this matters when the water runoff trickles
into the ground!



There’s cheap plastic tupperware containers and sets with different sizes but I refuse to use plastic in this way.
We use mason jars for everything…

They stack and glass isn’t toxic and they’re organized and all have the same size lid and they just make my OCD life great.


This laundry basket…

Long story short: I wanted a really epic laundry basket.
I’ve been keeping dirty laundry in a pillowcase for months and I felt excited about finally having something really cute, unique and I really wanted it to have a lid.

I looked thru all the thrift stores and had no luck.
So I gave in and went to Ross- they would for sure have options.
I got an overpriced basket WITHOUT a lid because I was settling and getting frustrated.

I didn’t love it and it was cheaply made and there was like 9 of them there all the exact same and this didn’t feel authentic but, whatever.

My next stop was the thrift store because I felt something calling and I knew I should’ve gone there first but I was being lazy.

Walked in, saw this basket, it was $7 and I walked out with it. Returned the one back to Ross and promised myself I’m done playing the consumerism game at shitty mass produced stores.

It’s one of a kind, has a damn lid and is used! and cheap! and sustainable!

Since its so big it prolongs my laundry runs.

living lighter

I’m making a conscious effort to live a sustainable existence, leaving minimum trace and respecting wherever I tread.
Cutting out single-use plastic has been HUGE for me.
Hawaii has banned both plastic bags and styrofoam.
Everyone uses reusable shopping bags.
I bring my glass water jug with me everywhere, I eat out of jars, I reuse brown paper bags (sort my recycling in them) if I get one from the grocery store.
I don’t flush the toilet after just a little pee.
I bring my reusable bamboo utensils everywhere with me to avoid plastic forks/spoons.
I leave windows open (don’t have AC anyways) but also use natural lighting to conserve power.
I try to craft instead of purchasing something to decorate with- we have so much creative power!!!
Short showers…I do my best. I shower like once a week so I feel deserving of a longer one sometimes :)
There are so many SMALL THINGS that when we all practice, make a BIG DIFFERENCE.
OH…tampons and pads…NO WAY. I switched to a period cup long ago. We waste SO MUCH (toxic) plastic with these products that contain chemicals and are actually poisonous to the sacred female body. That’s another topic but being mindful in all aspects is such a humbling practice.

There is no 2nd earth. Lighter space, lighter energy, lighter life. We fly.

We’re actually quite a simple species when you break it down.

Please feel free to share your sustainability experience in the comments! I’m always learning and seeking more efficient methods of cutting back.