5 Methods to Refining your Reality

We’re all seeking clarity, happiness, health, excitement and positivity so let’s take the first baby steps to manifesting that.

Here are my most valuable methods of clearing stagnant energy &
holding space to shift perspective in our realities~

  1. Consumption

    Let’s start with FOOD.
    I assume its common knowledge that processed, genetically modified and chemical filled foods aren’t nutritious for our bodies. Sorry but we’re actually poisoning ourselves with the bullshit we’re trained to believe is the normal standard, especially in the USA.

    We are what we eat, so ask yourself if what you’re putting into your body is serving it.

    It’s really as simple as that. “Are these artificial ingredients and additives fueling my body and contributing to my health?

    My suggestion is to cut out the ingredients that you can’t pronounce, actually read the labels! Look at the artificials and additives and be curious.
    If animal products are in your diet, I challenge you to identify directly with what part of the animal that comes from,
    how it ended up on your plate and what the vibrational effect has on your body.


    It is science.
    The words we speak, the music we listen to, the technology we expose ourselves to all have a frequency and our bodies absorb this subconsciously.
    Be picky with what you surround yourself with!
    This includes mindlessly scrolling on Instagram or sitting through a conversation you genuinely don’t give a shit about (gossip/drama/judging/criticism???).
    YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY and it starts with what you CONSUME.

  2. Passion

    Music, art, exercise, writing, being in nature, travel, hustling…

    Become the master of an art!
    Passion is a language of the soul.
    We’ve spent lifetimes cultivating skills and talents that we brought here to Earth, tap into them and share them with us! We want to be graced by your gifts!!!!

    Go on a walk every day to ignite your observer- notice the nature and sounds around you.
    Do something artistic- sing in the car, paint a wall in your house, draw your favorite flower, journal about your feelings without judging yourself, build something, fix something, research something you LOVE on YouTube and fuel your expansion.

    You don’t need a professional skill but find a way to awaken your creative stimuli and breathe fresh air into something new, something you love or something you’re curious about.

    This has been such a transformational practice for me- yoga, speaking my voice on Instagram, picking up the flute, being outdoors 98% of the day, writing this blog post…

    We are a naturally expressive species- find your niche.

  3. Release

    This is a huge one. Look around your sacred space, physically AND energetically.
    What can you lovingly release that’s not actively serving your best Self?

    Clothes that you never wear, emotions that have been ignored, dust that’s accumulating on the shelf, the slime between the tiles in the shower, the people you follow on Instagram that secretly piss you off or trigger comparison/jealousy, the friendships that feel forced, old useless habits, the unrealistic expectation, the job you hate going to…

    Your environment is your stage.
    Is your physical space reflecting the best version of your self?
    Is your energetic environment inspiring you?

    Get rid of the physical things that you can part with. Donate the clothes, clean out the pantry.
    As for the energetic clutter- unfollow people you don’t fully resonate with, burst into tears when they come, unlock the bottled up emotions.
    Write down stuff on a paper and burn it, make an offering of RELEASE. Make it a ceremony.
    Set an intention to release the anxiety, pressure, self-criticism, stagnancy, WHATEVER IT IS. Write it down with intention to LET IT GO from your life.

    Lovingly release what’s not serving the best and highest functioning YOU.

  4. Law of Attraction

    Like attracts like.
    What we think, we become.
    Ask an you shall receive.
    Everything is a mirror.

    The list of this spiritual talk goes on forever but you get the point. We’ve heard some of these things before so are the true and how can they really be applied?

    First of all, only after we clear energetic space and humble ourselves, can we embark on asking for more.
    Say thank you for what you have, release what you don’t need, then manifest what you want.
    It’s literal.
    Some of us were taught to pray as children. Use what words you want but how can we receive things we haven’t asked for?
    Say a prayer, set an intention, change your friend group, write a poem, create a visualization of you living your best fucking life.
    Literally!!! Draw stick figures with hearts and rainbows and an exotic jungle with fruit and epic animals, faithful, like-minded friends and abundance. What does your dream reality look like? Share it below in a comment!

    Set the intention and watch your dreams come into fruition.

    We are energetically and metaphysically equipped to practice the law of attraction and manifest through calling upon the vision.

    Visualize it first, make the intention clear, BELIEVE you are worthy, dip the arrow in the flame, aim good and shoot for infinity baby!!!

  5. Affirmation

    Do you even know how epic you are? If you've read this far then maybe you really wanna shift something in your life and I’m so stoked for you. I hope this resonates.
    The theme of this post is how we can “raise our vibration” or “live a more fruitful life” or “be more free” and a huge part of manifesting a refreshed reality is to have energetic integrity and be standing in your power.
    Know your worth.

    Make a practice of affirmation- write a list of encouraging truths:
    my body is beautiful
    I am blessed
    I am worthy of receiving bountiful blessings
    I am grateful for this life
    I forgive myself, I am kind to myself unconditionally
    I am honest
    I trust
    I am guided by the intelligence of my heart
    Universe is supporting my endeavors

    Write the list, tape it to the mirror, make it the wallpaper on your phone, surround yourself with these affirmations and watch how your perspective will shift when you soften, forgive and transmute the negativity to positivity.

Some of these suggestions are so obvious that our subconscious is screaming DUHHHHHH.
Take what resonates and leave the rest.
Make it your own.
This is a pivotal time on Earth where we are reclaiming our truth, freedom and expression.
Please feel free to share below- feedback, personal experiences or alternative suggestions.
This space is intended for community.
Mahalo for your light.

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