Eat One, Plant One

Planting Pineapples

Are you ready for this?
Twist the top of a pineapple.
Gently remove the small bottom leaves so the roots have space to grow into the earth,
and so that it doesn't hold too much moisture and rot.
Stick it in the ground.
Water it with love, offer the plant plenty of sun and watch it fruit within as little as a year.


If you can plant organic pineapples from a local farmer's market, that's great, and if you can use organic potting soil that's even better. I recommend watering them (and most plants) in the morning, to allow time for draining or evaporation, so the plant isn't overly saturated.


-witchy recommendations-
Drop a clear quartz crystal in a container of water overnight to infuse the water with magic.
Leave any fruit peels scattered in the pineapple's dirt for extra nutrients.
Composted dirt is amazing for growing rich, healthy fruit plants.

I have some beautiful, nutrient dense Florida clay that I've sprinkled around my pineapples
for extra love.
Any nutrient supplements that you don't mind eventually ingesting through consumption of the fruit is great too.
Bugs haven't posed a threat to my pineapples but NEEM OIL is shamanic plant medicine for aphids or other pesty insects (especially kale).

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