Charcoal & Clay Face Mask



Sooo let's talk about why we are making a homemade face mask (and why we promise to our amazing bodies that we won't buy junk from the store anymore).

First, have you read the label on the "Mayan Volcanic Ash Avocado Miracle Glitter Mask" from the store that says ALL NATURAL? Yes, I just made that up, but seriously, the words "natural" don't mean much anymore. Face masks, deodorants, toothpaste, lotions (and basically all cosmetic products) that say "natural ingredients" are still loaded with synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates and other shit that's harmful to our bodies. If we avoid consuming chemicals and GMOs then why would we apply it on our beautiful skin?

Some of these synthetic ingredients are allergens, they disrupt our hormones and can weaken our skin which causes dehydration, irritation and additional symptoms we are already treating! I'm not going into detail about what these chemicals and preservatives do to our bodies, assuming we're all reading this because we want to honor our temple and nourish our bodies.

SO. Here it is.
A homemade, 4 ingredient face mask that removes toxins from the skin surface and is basically the best thing your face has ever experienced.



~1 TSP. activated charcoal
~3 TSP. bentonite clay
~3 TSP. organic apple cider vinegar
~essential oils of your choice: details below
~mason jar
~something for mixing

-Make sure the activated charcoal is sourced from coconut shells or something else totally natural.
-For the bentonite clay, the brand I have in the photo is one of the best, from the research I've done. Its sustainably sourced, vegan and has no additives or fragrances- 100% calcium bentonite.
-Is it common knowledge that the ACV in the photo is the bombest brand? Use that.
-ESSENTIAL OILS: this can vary on what type of mask you want...for a relaxing cleanse, for ageing, whatever it is, it WILL BE detoxifying. I like to use tea tree and bergamot. Anything like lavender, geranium, rose, cedarwood will all work wonders on the skin. I always overdo seasonings and smells so I add about 9 drops to my recipe.


~Mix everything together in a glass jar (the one you're gonna store it in).
~Apply onto clean, dried skin with your fingers, spreading evenly.
[Avoid eyes and lips, especially if using oils that would burn, like tea tree (lol)]
~Leave it on between 10-20 minutes and enjoy the stillness of the face muscles.
~Rinse off with warm water & a washcloth if you like.
~I like to moisturize after, with tiny bit of coconut oil but this isn't necessary.
~Store the remainder in the mason jar you mixed it in; keep it in a cool, dry place!
It should last a while.



It cures hangovers? Made from coconut shells? What? Well, yea. Activated charcoal is sourced from raw coconut shells and it becomes "activated" when combined with high temperature and a catalyst. The charcoal is used to cleanse the body of toxins by adsorption- where toxic elements bind to a surface. This is how it works for alcohol or drug consumption in the body. Similarly, the face mask draws out the toxins from the surface of the skin, and nourishes with the green clay and essential oils. Thanks, nature. You're pretty neat.



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