The Hostel in the Forest

Welcome to a brief synopsis through my eyes, of a beautiful home in the forest, the Hostel.

Allow me to paint a picture for you- 133 acres of forest in southern Georgia, consisting of lush wetlands with mostly pine trees, saw palmettos and live oaks drenched in Spanish moss. The wildlife is a random combination of free roaming chickens that will steal your fruit, exotic frogs and spiders, hawks, snakes, and dirty hippies.




The property is hydrated with a well system that supplies fresh drinking water. Any plastic or trash that comes onto the property, leaves the property with you- leave no trace. The lake is clothing optional and there's a nature trail subtly hidden through the property, for a serious nature activation.

The on-site garden harvest provides a wholesome and nourishing dinner which comes with your nightly stay. Community dinner includes a gratitude circle before the feast and the kitchen gets restored with music and teamwork.

The property has a multitude of unique tree houses and some enclosed rooms, along with a bunk house. The library/music room is a handmade dome structure with incredible acoustics and an intelligent collection of books and musical healing tools. The compost toilets are maintained with saw dust for super eco-friendliness. The showers on site are sustainably heated, and the water drains into the forest, so Dr. Bronner's organic soap is provided for the love of the forest. Oh, and the outdoor bathtub.....


The forest's mission statement promotes sustainability, organic gardening, alternative building, and minds the "ecological, social, spiritual, economic and emotional aspects of the human condition." Well, damn. If you're not already mentally planning a trip then you probably should do that now.

I swear by everything in me that this forest has healing powers. (What untouched nature doesn't?) My experiences here have been some of the most profound. It's basically a fairy land filled with like-souls who are ready to connect on that cosmic level while offering their god given talents to raise the collective vibration. The Law of Attraction is in full action here.


If you feel called to escape in nature for a few days, this is an amazing and safe place to do so. After all, there's a reason why you're reading this.

May the forest be with you.