Sexy Scorpio Transits

Has communication felt a bit dark, temperamental or chaotic lately? Have your close relationships been stirred up, like things are coming out of the shadows and to the surface? Have emotions been boiling? Maybe some, or none of this resonates, but good thing I’m not trying to sell you anything. This is the science behind our nature. We are directly affected by and correlated to the cosmos and the dance it is dancing.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all in the watery, secretive zodiac sign Scorpio. The zodiac signs are constellations- organized clusters of stars. When a planet is “in Scorpio” or in a sign, it stays there for a fixed period of time (depending on the length of the planet’s orbit), as it travels through the zodiac. This current situation is profound to me, hence why I want to talk about it; what an opportunity to dance in the darkness and come out gleaming, lighter and refreshed.


Scorpio is a water sign represented by a scorpion. It is extreme, emotional, intuitive, mysterious, magnetic, powerful and interested in self-evaluation. Its ruled by the planet Pluto, the mythological god of the underworld, ruler of transformation and all that’s hidden below the surface. Death and rebirth is in Scorpio’s nature.


Mercury retrograde…have we all heard of that? They say communication will be skewed, don’t make any long term decisions or commitments and heed the warning that travel will be delayed. Don’t shit yourself, we aren’t in a retrograde period, I’m just connecting the dots to something that might already be familiar…maybe?

Mercury is the messenger of the gods.

Mercury rules the way we communicate.
Mercury is in Scorpio.
So, take this creature that dances between the veils of light and dark, stinging only when threatened, unbound and unpredictable as water, and call that your communication theme for this transit. Forgive the volatile exchanges you may have experienced lately. Hidden resentment, pain, anger, and even childhood or past life trauma may emerge. Allow it to.

This period urges us to slow down, think before we react, don’t over analyze the words of others and always be curious about the shadows. This is a time to hear our inner dialogue and journal the shit out of it. Release, release, release.


Venus is the goddess of love.
She rules money, charm, pleasure and all things beautiful.
Matters of the heart are Venus’s concern- how we handle relationships, how we feel pleasure and where we seek balance in our daily life. She is the charmer of the zodiac.

Venus is in Scorpio.
If we aren’t good at astrology math by this point, here it is:
our relationships, love expression, and pleasure may be dwelling in darkness for this short period.
Scorpio may dive into the deep, dark waters and bring to light an old wound we didn’t realize was still causing pain. An old trauma may resurface, or communication with those we love may just be sketchy. Death and rebirth. Will some relationships maybe not survive this transit? If so, that’s great! Don’t force it.
Venus is also in retrograde.
I won’t get too much into retrograde because the point here is that it amplifies everything we’ve covered so far. Its a time to re-asses WHO and WHAT we value. Retrograde just means that from Earth, it APPEARS as if the planet (Venus) is moving backwards in its orbit- which its not. This exaggerates the “stirring up of dust” that Scorpio is already doing. The idea of the planet doing a backspin represents us looking back, to re-asses what matters in this sector.
We are shedding layers, consciously expanding. Spirit offers us a silver platter upon which we may place what no longer serves our Highest. This includes old relationships, possessions or attachments. Lovingly release them.


Jupiter is the King of the gods, the gas giant- planet of abundance, fertility, luck and growth.
Being a facilitator of growth, Jupiter is the teacher.
Jupiter in Scorpio will explore the secrets and lies, the darkness that’s been lurking in the depths of our subconscious. Being a bright and large (the largest) planet, astrologers look to it as a planet of opportunity. Applying what we now know about Scorpio, how can we leverage the mystery and darkness-delving to transcend and expand? The wisdom and freedom granted to us by Jupiter are neutrally complemented by Scorpio while we’re being offered with a powerful opportunity to purge.


Finally we have the sun. That burning ball of fire that gives us life. The planets revolve around the sun just as aspects of ourselves revolve around our life purpose symbol.
The sun just entered the constellation Scorpio on Tuesday, October 23rd. Prepare for a month in this watery, intense, change-inspiring sign. We know what we are in store for and we are prepared. The sun rules our conscious mind and our main life force.
Allow Scorpio’s great mystery to creep in and listen to the whispers of the shadows. We don’t need to drown in the depths of the water if we remember how to float- remember where the light is. Remember our truth and purpose.

Full Moon in Taurus

October 24th

The message of the full moon is short and sweet- at least in my interpretation.
I wanted mostly to bring to light this elusive mystery that’s maybe been present in our recent few weeks. But this full moon is a powerful one (as they all are).

The full moon is bright in the sky- illuminating all that’s been hiding, illuminating the seed that we sewed during the new moon. This further supports the theme of release and surrender- exploring the shadows and purging what no longer serves our reality.
We are asked to lay it all on the table: ego, expectation, attachment.
We are asked to re-asses and re-calibrate.
What an amazing opportunity.


We are here to remember, to heal and to ascend. But, take only what you wish from this, even if its nothing. Its only the study of the ancient stars.
This is a very humbling time and I wish you the best along your journey, we’re in it together.

with love,


paulina prana