a summary

Aloha and welcome!

This is intended to be a safe space for elaborating on personal truths where we can engage and gather as a collective-
to relate, inspire, empower and lift one another up.

I’m still (always) just trying to figure things out but my dream here is to connect with Spirit community through this platform, communicate lovingly and share expression… artistically.

I’m a Maui, Hawai’i based yoga teacher (RYT200), astrology student, nomad, intuitive light-worker, activator of the divine feminine, plant based cook, writer, fire dancer, stick-&-poke tattoo artist, and believer in non-labeling.
These are merely some of the ways in which I feel called to express my self.

Some of these passions are still developing and I believe that’s an important part of the work we’re doing…realizing that it’s never fully “done”.

We are constantly evolving and returning home to ourselves.

My mission on this platform is to help awaken our inner fire, to remember who we were and what we are here to do-

for it is so much more than we can imagine.

Thank you for being here right now.